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signifies that you could have multiple classes which can be utilized interchangeably, even though Just about every class implements precisely the same Qualities or methods in different ways. This part describes the next ideas:

We make a new occasion with the Staying class. For this we provide the new search phrase. The b variable could be the cope with on the designed object.

We print the thing into the console to have some basic description of the item. Exactly what does it suggest, to print an item? Once we print

in the occasion for which that invocation normally takes spot decides the particular technique implementation to invoke. Within a nonvirtual technique invocation, the compile-time style

Take note that the SetNextSerialNo and GetNextSerialNo static solutions are invoked within the class Whilst the GetSerialNo instance method is invoked on cases of the class.

in a derived class. When an instance process declaration involves an override modifier, the tactic overrides an inherited virtual system Using the similar signature.

The inheritance is a method to form new classes using classes that have previously been outlined. The freshly shaped classes are named derived

Cases of classes are developed using the new operator, which allocates memory for just a new occasion, invokes a constructor to initialize the instance, and returns a reference into the occasion. The next statements generate two Level objects and retail store references to Those people objects in two variables:

The subsequent instance shows overload resolution in influence. The comment for every invocation within the UsageExample process displays which method is in fact invoked.

C# permits to create class constants. These constants will not belong to some concrete item. They belong on the class. By convention, constants are published in uppercase letters.

Indexers can be overloaded, which means that a class can declare more info multiple indexers providing the variety or varieties of their parameters vary.

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Late binding signifies that our code interacts by having an item dynamically at operate-time. This presents a great deal of flexibility given that our code practically doesn't care what type of object it really is interacting with provided that the item supports the approaches we wish to simply call.

As revealed by the instance, a selected process can always be chosen by explicitly casting the arguments to the exact parameter varieties and/or explicitly providing sort arguments.

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